The Blue Owens Band

The Blue Owens Band

People want to see something special when they go out, and that's exactly what you get with The Blue Owens Band.....

Blue Owens has been blowing the harmonica since the day he was gifted a harp while hitchhiking across the States as a teen. Prior to landing in the Pacific Northwest, and becoming deeply rooted in the Eugene, Oregon blues scene, Blue spent some years in Austin, Texas hanging out with his friend, the blues great, James Cotton. It was with Cotton that Blue perfected his craft.

The Blue Owens Band has honed their original songs in front of live audiences, responding to their listeners, "working the tip jar" in the traditional, old-blues way, bringing down the roof with house-rocking, hard-driving blues. The band's original tunes are fueled by Blue's jaw dropping harmonica riffs, T-Bone Weldon's melodic guitar leads and vocals, and speckled-in with some boogie-woogie piano by Hugh Schmittle. Young James Reese on Rhythm Guitar, Michael Morningsun on Bass Guitar and Dave Roberts on drums locks it all in with a syncopated, get out of your chair, danceable backbeat.

Either a band is great together or they aren't great at all, and with The Blue Owens Band, it is clear as daylight that all of these blues cats are great, hand-picked musicians who love what they do and love bringing it for you.
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T-Bone Weldon, songwriter par excellence, who pens the band's many originals.